Excellent Ghanaian Athletes With Many World Records

African athletes always leave a deep impression in the hearts of fans not only because of their achievements but also because of the skills and abundant physicality they possess.

Most sports such as athletics, basketball, or boxing confirm score records from African athletes. Not only that, athletes from the black continent are always at the top of the favorite athletes to bet at famous bookmakers such as Betway Sports.

Ghana is also an honorable country to contributes many famous names to the world sports arena, so who are they? Let's find out in the article below.

Leonard Myles-Mills

Leonard Myles-Mills is an athlete who has left a very special mark in athletics around the world. Born in 1973 in the same Accra, the Ghanaian athlete soon showed his world-class running skills and set many new records that made athletics fans not only in Ghana but also around the world.

He is an expert on the 100m track and is the first Ghanaian to break the 10s for the 100m race that for decades no other athlete has been able to do. Particularly in this run in the tournaments of the country.

At the national level, Leonard Myles-Mills can only compete with himself to break his record.

His ability reached out to the world with a record of 6.45 seconds for the 60m run, a result that broke the record of the entire continent. Not only stopping there, but he also continued to conquer the 100m race with a record time of 9.98 seconds.

That number was only later broken by an athlete participating in the tournament in Texas. Leonard Myles-Mills is the pride of Ghanaian athletics and is a world athletics icon to this day.

Azumah Nelson & Aziz Zakari

Aziz Zakari

One more name on the 100m running track, the Ghanaian has an achievement that makes fans around the world admire. Aziz Zakari is a Ghanaian athlete with an extremely good health background, very high endurance, and toughness.

He is a very hardworking athlete and learns very quickly. In athletics competitions taking place in Africa, no opponent can beat Aziz Zakari.

He has held championships in all categories such as 100m, 200m, and 4x100m in the African Championships and is also the feared athlete representing neighboring countries.

Only 0.01 seconds behind Leonard Myles-Mills' record in the 100m race, Aziz Zakari is also able to put his name on the gold list of Africa's best athletes and is a bright candidate for the championship. enemies around the world.

However, when he was at the peak of his career, Zakari encountered a big scandal that was related to drugs, since then until now, although he still participates in running, his name and form have changed. no longer the same as before.

Azumah Nelson

Although she is old and retired for a long time, Azumah Nelson is still a respectable face in the boxing world not only in Africa but also around the world.

He was once considered a master in boxing after winning the bronze medal and bringing glory to Ghana at the 1978 Olympics.

Ghanaian athletes are always the holders of many records and are famous names in the world sports arena.