The Evolution of Sports Betting and Its Popularity in Ghana

Although around for centuries, gambling is an activity that has been gaining more popularity lately all over the globe. While there are many different kinds of this practice, some of the most popular practices are certainly betting on sports and playing casino games. When it comes to Ghana, it should be noted that sports betting takes the cake.

But how did this activity become so popular in this African country and what should the residents who want to place a few bets know? Read on to learn more.

The current situation in Ghana

For starters, let’s take a look at the current situation when it comes to Ghana and sports betting. The practice is legal in the country, both in gambling shops and online. In order to operate, providers must have a license. The Gaming Act of 2006 gave the Ghana Gaming Commission the power to regulate gambling in the country, but it is minimally involved. In terms of taxes, the gaming tax is among the lowest on the continent, at 17.5%.

Players that want to place a wager on their favorite sport like football, for example, can visit a local betting shop and purchase a ticket, aka a paper betting slip, that will state their predictions. However, as the internet penetration rate is going up in Africa, Ghanaians can also bet online. There are now more and more trustworthy sportsbooks like bet365 that provide players not only with a wide array of games but also great bonuses. Playing through online sites is oftentimes more convenient, as it can be done from the comfort of one’s home or when on the go.

A brief overview of sports betting

However, let’s learn a bit more about the history of sports betting in Ghana and how it reached the current level of popularity.

Africa is known to be good at sports, so the affinity for betting on all kinds of sports should not come as a surprise. By betting on a sport they like, residents are able to make some money, which is a big advantage seeing as how a large number of people on the continent live below the poverty line. Besides Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are also big markets when it comes to sports betting.

The gambling market is expanding all over the world and the businesses that are in the sports betting sector see the potential that Africa comes with. This is why they are looking into opportunities to operate in various countries on the continent. Seeing as how both online and offline gambling is legal in Ghana, it is a prime location for sportsbooks to obtain customers.

However, ever since mobile gaming was made available, more and more players are looking for a reliable sportsbook that they can open an account with and enjoy a variety of bets with great odds. In addition to various deals like a deposit bonus and free spins, many a platform nowadays offers live streaming of games that are currently in progress and even live bets that mean that people can change their bets if they notice their favorite team is underperforming. Add to that the fact that Africa has quite a young population, this trend of playing on mobile devices is only expected to continue.

What is more, even though Ghanaians prefer betting on foreign leagues, such as the Premier League or La Liga, more and more operators are adding options to bet on some local matches as well. Furthermore, many international sites allow using Ghanaian cedis, regardless of the game users are betting on, and a variety of payment methods are available.

How to stay safe when betting on sports

Although gambling is a legal activity in Ghana, one must still be careful when betting on sports. For one, it’s vital to do plenty of research and find relevant information about any sportsbook they plan on joining. To protect personal data and funds, online bookmakers should be licensed and properly encrypted. While to operate in Ghana, it’s necessary to have a license, it’s not uncommon to see an issue arise where people are cheated out of their winnings as the government rarely steps in to properly control the field. Players are at risk of losing money if they opt for an unreliable website.

Lastly, it’s essential to keep responsible gambling in mind. While websites are encouraged to include a section that addresses gambling addiction and problems individuals could encounter when betting on sports, they are not obliged to have self-exclusion tools or terms that will put the users’ interest into the spotlight. What is more, there are even calls for gambling to be completely banned, but these complaints are not coming to fruition seeing as how people are expected to be able to decide on their own what their limits are.

With both online and brick-and-mortar sports betting available, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that sports betting is reaching a wide audience in Ghana. Keep the tips for staying safe in mind if you want to play as well.