Nana Bizness Embarks On A Captivating Journey To Ignite Fan Inspiration

Nana Gyimah, the Ghanaian US-based business guru and entertainment enthusiast widely known as 'Nana Bizness,' has recently unveiled an exciting venture—his captivating video podcast titled 'Bizness As Usual.'

With several intriguing episodes already available, Nana Bizness delves deep into the realm of African music, pop culture, and various business-related topics, shedding light on industry secrets and offering his expert insights.

As the CEO of Inside LLC, a premier full-service business management and consulting company based in New Jersey, Nana Bizness bridges the gap between Africa and the United States in the realms of entertainment, lifestyle, and economic development.

Through his podcast, he shares compelling behind-the-scenes stories about global industry players, provides candid truths about beloved entertainers, and offers honest feedback on their journey to success.

Produced by Inside LLC, 'Bizness As Usual' serves as a platform for Nana Bizness to discuss the attributes that define great artists while addressing the low standards within the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

He also imparts invaluable tips on how he successfully organized and sold-out shows in the US, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with fellow creatives in advancing the art culture.

In addition to breaking down new songs and spotlighting the emerging wave of African artists, Nana Bizness goes beyond the ordinary podcast format by inspiring listeners to adopt new mindsets and approaches that transform weaknesses into strengths.

'Bizness As Usual' offers a refreshing perspective, empowering individuals to navigate their respective fields with confidence.

Embark on this captivating podcast journey with Nana Bizness, where each episode unveils a wealth of knowledge and showcases the diverse landscape of African music and culture.

Check out some of the episodes here and across various streaming platforms such as Spotify, and Apple Podcasts among others.