Shatta Wale Apologizes To Wiyaala Over Citation Scandal

Shatta Wale has apologised to Wiyaala over allegations that a member of his team prevented her from joining him on stage to receive a citation award meant for them in the USA.

On Saturday, both Wiyaala and Shatta Wale shared the same stage performing at the Summerstage concert in Crotona Park, Bronx USA.

During the concert, they were supposed to be presented with the citation within the interval of the show but things didn’t go as planned.

Shatta Wale was presented with his on stage, but Wiyaala could not receive hers. This was because she was allegedly denied access to joining Shatta Wale on the stage to receive her citation by a member of Shatta’s team.

The organisers afterwards wanted to present the citation to her backstage, a situation which didn’t sit well with her and she took to social media to complain and reject the citation.

“Unless acceptable and credible explanations are forthcoming, Wiyaala has no intention of accepting the Citation of Merit supposedly awarded her by the Bronx Borough. This is what happened and we now move on. Case closed, good night #Roarrrrrr,” she partly said in her long Facebook post.

However, in a twist of events, Wiyaala said Shatta Wale has reached out to explain what happened and apologised.

“Shatta Wale, my big brother, personally got in contact with me and he explained things to me,” she said in her latest video.

“He said he’s sorry that it has happened like that. He was not aware of what was happening. If he had known, I’m sure he would have done something about it. He said, he’ll not in any way try to disrespect my craft because he also respects what I do and he sees me as a strong, artistic person with a beautiful craft that he likes and respects,” she indicated.

“So I should let it go and I shouldn’t get angry with him because he never wishes me bad. He has always wished me well. So that is what my brother sent me. He even gave me heart emoji,” she added.