After The Lebanese Manager At Mawarko Held His Ghanaian Employee's Face In A Blended Red Pepper? Wanluv Kubolo Tweets

Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, better known as Wanlov De Kubolor, has revisited an incident from 2017 at the Abelemkpe branch of Marwako Restaurant, in which a labenese believed to be the restaurant’s manager rubbed the face of a Ghanaian female worker in a blended pepper.

According to the rapper and brother of the African mermaid, Vanessa Deborah, he never thought Ghanaians would have patronised the restaurant like we are still doing after the incident happened.

Taking to Twitter, Kubolor wrote:

After the Lebanese manager at Mawarko shoved & held his Ghanaian employee’s face in a basin of fresh blended red pepper almost making her lose her sight i thought Ghanaians would stop eating ther