NPP Running Mate: Collins Ntim Incurs Wrath Of Ashanti Region With Destructive Comments

Member of Parliament (MP) for Offinso North, Augustine Collins Ntim, has incurred the wrath of constituency secretaries of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region following remarks considered counterproductive to the Bawumia presidential bid.

Ntim, a former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Offinso during the Kufuor presidency and a former Deputy Minister of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development under the Akufo-Addo government, addressed a meeting of the constituency secretaries group at the Bawumia 2024 campaign office at Asokwa in Kumasi on Sunday, May 26, where statements he made relating to the choice of running mate of the flagbearer, did not go down well with the gathering.

Stab in the back

Ntim reportedly stated that there is no need for Dr Bawumia to pick his running mate from the Ashanti Region because the region will vote for the NPP  no matter where the running mate comes from.

On that score, he insisted that the Ashanti Region give their support to Irene Naa Torshie Addo, who is from the Greater Accra Region for the running mate position.


His pronouncement came as a shock to the gathering as they saw it as jittering the very region that had made him in politics.

As an Ashanti, who at various times in his political career rode on the back of the NPP’s stronghold to occupy respectable positions in government, Ntim, by his comments, was seen by the constituency secretaries as an ungrateful person.

Staunch Christian 

Again, in his speech at the meeting of constituency secretaries, Ntim sought to create the impression that Dr Bawumia, in the present state, cannot win the votes of the Christian community.

According to the former deputy minister, it is clear that many Christians will not vote for the NPP flagbearer if he doesn’t get a staunch Christian as his running mate.

Based on that, he suggested that Naa Torshie is the best fit for the running mate.

Reaction of discontent 

This drew a reaction of discontent from the gathering.

To the constituency secretaries, it is untenable for an experienced politician like Ntim to suggest that Dr Bawumia does not have the support of Christians.

They rebuked him for trying to destroy the Bawumia campaign.

Their position was based on the cordial relations Dr. Bawumia has built with the Christian community, which has been widely acknowledged by highly respected men of God, and the general Christian community.

Personal gains

The consensus among the constituency secretary caucus of the party was that Ntim was pursuing personal gains from Naa Torshie who is the administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF) to enhance his battered political image.

Having lost his parliamentary primary, and also his position as deputy minister, the Offinso North MP may be looking for some support from the DACF administrator to salvage some of the lost image.

Apology demanded 

As details of the former deputy minister’s comments spread across the Ashanti region, a group calling itself Concerned Ashanti NPP Youth, has condemned the MP and asked him to apologise unreservedly or face their wrath.