Meeting With The President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo

The newly elected NPP Belgium Branch Executives had the privilege to meet *H.E Nana Akufo-Addo* yesterday in Brussels. Among his delegations were Foreign Affairs Minister and Deputy Chief of Staff.

The President encouraged the Executives to work hard to break the 8 for NPP to continue its tremendous work for the people of Ghana.

The President indicated to the Branch Executives that one thing that will make him happy after 2024 is to hand over power to NPP President.

He acknowledged that things are hard and his government is facing economic challenges but measures have been put in place to ease the sufferings of Ghanaians.

The Chairman who led the executives to the meeting thanked the President for availing himself to meet them and assured him the branch will work hard with unity to ensure victory 2024 as he the President wishes.

The Secretary for the branch took the opportunity to announce the branch's decision to celebrate its ten(10) years anniversary which has been scheduled on *20th May 2023*

The President assured his full support and participation in the anniversary celebration. He also promised to be part God willing.

Also, the secretary elaborated on certain challenges facing the external branches. This was about how some ministers and government appointees never acknowledged or not even informed the branch leaders whenever they visited the various countries. The President took notice and promised to rectify that with his ministers.
The Foreign Affairs Minister also promised to take this particular issue to cabinet meeting so that the diasporian office of the party and government machinery will have a coordination.

During the discussion, the President was asked about Hon. Adwoa Safo's issues. The President answered by indicating how the privileges committee in parliament is working on the issue.

Again about Ghana card, a question was asked and the Foreign Affairs Minister assured us that the National Identification Authority *(NIA)* will come to the various missions to collect Ghanaians data and issue cards to every Ghanaian abroad but cautioned the leaders in the community to encourage Ghanaians to take part when the process starts..

*We shall update the branch for any new developments*.

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