Community Engagement Forum Addresses Online Sex Exploitation

Engage Now Africa, in collaboration with various NGOs and Civil Society groups, organized a community engagement forum aimed at combating online sex exploitation in Ghana. 

The event drew over 200 participants, primarily parents and guardians concerned about the safety of children in the digital age.

Madam Lydia Ohenewaa, a prominent figure leading the discussion, highlighted the pressing issue of online child sexual exploitation and abuse facilitated by information and communication technology. She emphasized the need for collective action to address the merging trends of social media exploitation, sextortion, and other forms of online exploitation targeting vulnerable children.

The forum provided a platform for parents and guardians to voice their concerns and share experiences related to online exploitation. Many attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be educated and informed about such a critical issue affecting communities nationwide.

The discussions delved into strategies for safeguarding children online, raising awareness about digital safety, and promoting responsible internet use among young people. The forum underscored the importance of collaboration between stakeholders, including parents, educators, law enforcement agencies, and NGOs, to create a safer online environment for children.

Engage Now Africa's initiative reflects a broader effort to address the growing challenges posed by online sex exploitation and reaffirms the commitment of civil society groups to protect the rights and well-being of children in the digital era.