Without Reflecting God’s Image, We Can’t Access And Walk In His Dominion – Arch. Duncan-Williams

The Founder and General Overseer of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams on Sunday, December 3, closed the 2023 edition of the church’s annual convention, IMPACT, with a call on believers to walk in the likeness and the image of Jesus Christ if they desire to experience a higher realm of God’s dominion.

Speaking on this year’s theme “Open Doors”, and with a final message titled “What Next”, the Archbishop reminded congregants that without walking in the image of Christ, any impartation they had received during the programme, would come to nothing.

He said, “the right or audacity to access dominion comes from being in His image and likeness. No matter how powerful or great you become in this life, you can never access and walk in dominion until you are conformed to the image of Jesus, who is the express image of God.”

Quoting Romans 12:2-3, which admonishes believers not to be conformed to this world, the Archbishop noted that the reason why many believers struggle when it comes to experiencing God’s dominion is because, “even though we are born again, for whatever reason, we are not Christ-like, and until we become like Jesus, our Christianity is just sinking sand.”

Renowned worldwide as the Apostle of Strategic Prayer, he also urged attendees to make an impact in the lives of others.

“What are you going to do with the blessings? What about the open doors—what's next? The anointing, the giftings, the empowerment and the insights you have received—will you revert to business as usual after tonight, or will you seize the opportunity to make an impact?" he quizzed.

According to him, if the blessings bestowed upon believers cannot impact others, then it is meaningless.

“So, we can either make a difference in the lives of others or remain as we are and keep saying we are blessed. The truth is, you cannot say you are blessed when your life is not impacting others.”

He further stressed on the necessity of biblical love in the believer's life.

“Where is the love of God among us? It’s too much of strife, competition, and division, and that is not the image of God. Power is not the image of God. God is not power, God is love. I thank God for power, but the God you and I serve is more than power.”

A select few from the Mass Choir at Action Chapel International, ushering congregants into worship

Every day of the event saw thousands gathering, both at the venue (Action Chapel) and online, for the 'Impact' experience, which seeks to empower attendees spiritually. Many surrendered their lives to Christ, while others received healing and found answers to their breakthrough.