Absa Bank Donates Blood To Boost Ghana's Reserves

Absa Bank Ghana has taken a significant step in supporting Ghana's National Blood Service.

Responding to the Service's urgent appeal to bolster blood reserves, Absa bank has generously contributed 150 pints of blood to the country's blood bank.

The demand for blood in Ghana consistently exceeds its available supply, making blood donation a vital aspect of healthcare delivery.

Under the inspiring banner of "Spread Love. Donate Blood," Absa's dedicated Citizenship team successfully mobilized a substantial number of employees, local students, and volunteers at their Accra Head Office to participate in the donation drive.

Stringent safetyprotocols were strictly enforced to ensure the well-being of all donors and volunteers throughout the event.

Priscilla Yeboah, Head of Citizenship at Absa Bank, expressed her delight, stating"We are thrilled to have made a meaningful contribution to the call for increased blood donations to benefit Ghana's healthcare system. As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of collaboration and partnerships in strengthening our healthcare infrastructure to positively impact and transform lives. This is just the beginning of an enduring collaboration between Absa Bank and the National Blood Service."

To ensure the safety and eligibility of donors, only individuals aged 18 and above, weighing at least 50kg, and in good health were allowed to participate.