UK Migration Figures: Why People Opt To Leave Nigeria

New figures show UK net migration reached 606,000 in 2022 - with Nigerians making up some of the largest number of new arrivals

The reason many opt to leave is that inflation in Nigeria is currently above 20% and food inflation is even higher. For many middle-class young professionals, making ends meet feels increasingly difficult.

They are now looking to skill up to get better jobs - and thousands of them have turned to British universities. Recent data showed sharp increases in the number of Nigerians coming to the UK to study.

The students hope a degree from a foreign university will make them more employable either at home or abroad.

This exodus is particularly acute in the medical field, where many professionals are attracted to the UK’s higher salaries and access to world-class hospitals.

This week’s news that some foreign students will not be able to bring relatives with them has been met with frustration from many Nigerians.

Given foreign students and their dependants don’t have access to public funds in the UK - and have to pay a surcharge to use the NHS - there is confusion as to why they are being targeted.

It is not yet clear what impact the move will have on the number of Nigerians who decide to study in the UK.

But anecdotally, some are saying they may consider choosing countries that are openly courting foreign students, including Canada and Germany.