AU Day: Africa Has A Long Way To Go - Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah

Governance Lecturer at the Central University, Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah has called for Africa's unity and development as the continent marks Africa Day today, May 25.

The African continent celebrates 60th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and now, the African Union (AU). 

It was on this date in 1963 that 32 Heads of independent African States met in Addis Ababa Ethiopia along with leaders from African liberation movements to forge a way forward for Africa’s independence from imperialism, colonialism and apartheid; resulting in the creation of Africa’s first post-independence continental institution named the Organization of African Unity.

This was formed as a manifestation of the pan-African vision for an Africa that was united, free and in control of its own destiny but, to Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, 60 years on, the vision for Africa to develop hasn't been fully realized.

He expressed disappointment in the leadership and citizens of African States for exhibiting behaviors that do not improve the continent.

He also condemned the habit of projecting bad things about Africa, making the continent have a bad name and appear everything is wrong on the continent.

Dr. Otchere-Ankrah believed the African continent is rich enough to be calling the shots, hence called on the leaders in Africa to wake up and undertake activities geared towards the development of the continent.

"We have a long way to go but let's start from somewhere . . . When you go somewhere, they will tell you they have CNN or BBC but, in Africa, we don't have any media house projecting Africa. It is only the negative things we project about us but I have seen people sleeping along the roads in America. Yet, we think ours is always bad. It's not that bad, yes, but let's get somewhere. Let's improve for posterity sake," he said.