Double Registration For Ghana Card Is A 'Criminal Offence' - Prof. Ken Attafuah Warns

Professor Ken Agyeman Attafuah has warned Ghanaians not to engage in double registration for Ghana Card.

According to the NIA Boss, the Authority is clothed with the power to have any person who registers twice to be arrested, revealing it is a criminal offence.

"Some people have done double registration. The double registration is potential criminal offence and it also warrants an investigation on a case by case basis", he said in an interview on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" programme.

He made this revelation while explaining why many Ghanaians who have registered for their Ghana Cards haven't received them.

He disclosed that over 17 million Ghanaians have registered but not all registered persons will receive their cards because they have to be investigated.

"The law says we should make sure that the data that is given to us that we capture in the database permanently is accurate and reliable. So, if it (cards) stays in the queue which is translated as logical and technical queue...it has to be investigated on a case by case basis."