Osu Stool Kingmakers revoke appointment letter of Oshiahene of Osu Kinkawe

The Osu Stool has announced the dismissal of Ishmael Nortey Adumuah, otherwise known as Nii Nortey Adumuah IV as a member of the Kinkawe Dzaase and also as the Oshiahene of Osu Kinkawe for his repeated acts deemed to be subversive to the Osu Stool.

A statement copied to Peacefmonline.com and jointly signed by Nuumo Noi Osikan III, Nadu/Klottey Wulomo; Nii Saban Atsen VIII, Kinkawe Dzaasetse and Nii Nortey Otututse II, Ashinte Dzaasetse notified the general public on the decision of the Osu Stool to revoke the appointment letter of Nii Nortey Adumuah IV as the Oshiahene of Osu Kinkawe dated April 19, 2021.

In the dismissal letter copied to Ishmael Nortey Adumuah Adjuate We and signed by Nii Saban Atsen VII, it was stated that the former was suspended indefinitely on 15th March 2022 by the Osu Kinkawe Dzaase for writing to the Police, purportedly on behalf of the Osu Kinkawe Dzaase on a false Osu Kinkawe letterhead seeking the Police assistance to install a new Osu Mantse.

Nii Saban Atsen VII also in the dismissal letter stated that Nii Nortey Adumuah IV in spite of the indefinite suspension on June 21, 2022, together with his family head superintended over an unauthorized launch of a strange seal for the Osu Stool.

“You have overstepped your bounds as Oshiahene whose role is only restricted to the Osu Mantse Stool room…The Osu Kinkawe Dzaase led by Nii Saban Atsen VII (Dzaasetse) has, therefore, decided to revoke your letter of appointment as Oshiahene of Osu Kinkawe dated 19th April 2021. You are, hereby, notified of your dismissal with immediate effect and advised to cease, henceforth, from holding yourself as such in your own interest”, captured in the dismissal letter.

The statement copied to the media however informed and warned the general public to avoid any dealings with Nii Nortey Adumuah IV in any matter relating to the Osu Stool.

“All those who deal with him in such matters do so at their own risk”, the statement warned.

The statement however advised the general public to ignore any report indicating that a new seal has been introduced for the Osu Stool.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Seal of Osu remains the same as indicated above; there have neither been any discussions on the introduction of a new seal nor the contemplation or a launch of a new Seal for Osu”, the statement announced.