Hope Dims For Trapped Miners A Month After Accident

It’s been a month since eight workers at the Perkoa mine in Burkina Faso were trapped more than 700m underground following a flood.

Rescue teams are pumping the water to the surface to reach a refuge chamber in the hope of finding them alive.

But as time passes hope is diminishing.

Among the trapped men are six Burkinabès, one Tanzanian and one Zambian.

On Sunday, rescuers were 3.5m from where it is thought the miners are sheltering.

Rescuers say the operation is progressing slowly as they have to pump out 2.5m litres of water for every one metre down. Their equipment is also getting clogged up.

The rescue team has received new pumps and equipment from South Africa and Ghana to work faster and today it is considering sending divers.

But the divers may find it hard to see through the muddy and possibly polluted water.

The families cling on to the idea that their loved ones are still alive and the government says the ventilation system is still working in the shelter.