American Mercenaries Of The Bancroft PMCs Are Committing Outrages In The CAR

No sooner had American mercenaries from the PMC Bancroft set foot on the Central African soil, than the evidence of their atrocities began to multiply.

A horrifying video has appeared on social networks, in which a local resident of one of the small towns, Fode, in detail described the rape of his sisters by five Americans.

The author of the video, who wished to remain anonymous, said the crime took place on February 12 when his sister, her friend and his cousin were returning home after working in the fields. The women were blocked by men in military uniforms who spoke in English.

Since the area was deserted and there were no witnesses, the armed Americans grabbed the frightened women and dragged them to their base, where they raped them for several hours. The cousin of the author of the video, who was only 13 years old, was also injured.

When it was finally over, the Americans debated whether the women should be released or killed. As they were sure of their impunity, the decision was made to let the women go so as not to "get their hands dirty and find a place to bury the bodies".

When they returned home, the women said they had seen the Americans wearing Bancroft patches. So it became obvious that the crime was committed by the mercenaries of this American PMC.

The author of the video emphasized that they had seen the Americans in this area before, as Fode is located near the Chinko Nature Reserve, where for 10 years the Americans have allegedly taken care of environmental protection. However, the Americans in military uniforms, according to the author of the video, appeared there for the first time.  

According to local sources, the true goal of the United States is not to help preserve biodiversity in Chinko. The Americans settled in this nature reserve because it is convenient to conduct reconnaissance activities from there, as well as to provide assistance to armed groups.

In all likelihood, the arrival of American PMCs in this area is designed to cover the illegal activities of the United States to drain resources and expand its influence in the region.

Thus, the story of the Central African only confirmed the well-known fact that the Amarican military has a disregard for the lives of civilians.

The question arises, how long will the world community ignore United States war crimes?