KINGSLEY AGYEMAN: A Goal Getter With An Eye For Detail

As usual, with my strong opinion, I brought the Scholarship Secretariat under my scanner soon after Kingsley’s mandate was renewed. I parsimoniously subjected his doings both at the Secretariat and in his Constituency to rigorous scrutiny.

I read a lot about him, but I felt and found him very polemic. Perception can change or distort reality. I met people who were ready to swear that Kingsley was nothing but a rabble rouser. I was told he was doing nothing at Scholarship Secretariat. What was worse, he was accused of being tribalist and all what not, No worries, a story for another day.

Let it sound strongly that, Kingsley’s reputation as a high-performing Registrar prevailed after digging him unsuccessfully. He is supremely gifted with the two significant qualities critics often seek in their leaders, namely, competence and integrity.

He is a man about town. Oscar-worthy, with an illustrious career build purely on the strength of his own performance, a formidable team player who is always ready to go to the end of the world to be useful to humanity.

The oracles of the land of his birth are happy with him. The waterbodies are pleased with contribution to his motherland.

In fact, he is considered a great all-rounder, a charismatic captain who would get things done in bureaucratic circles.

From the very day Registrar Agyeman took over the reins of leadership  and showed the signs of performance, his detractors  have been waiting  for him to falter. They may have to wait for eternity as the make-up of Kingsley  has no room for developmental loss of focus.

And those who monitored his assumption of office had clear-cut steps to be taken for the revival of the Secretariat, which was damaged beyond measures by old age and lack of innovation.

Aside replacing the anachronistic methods of applying for scholarships with digital technology, with definite pronouncements, he instituted of the District Scholarship Review Committee thereby delegating from high vortex of power to the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembles.

These two profound  actions restored fairness to the award scheme. Years down the line, the District Scholarship Review Committees are operating independently without interference from the Secretariat. 

The least talk about the number of students who have benefited from government sponsorship under the Scholarship Secretariat, externally and internally, the better.

He went ahead to institute the Disability Grant to cater for Academic Facility User Fee for all students with disabilities in public tertiary institutions, and a continuous professional development programme for their instructors. 

Ever since, Registrar Agyeman has remained  one of the few appointees  on my lists who have distinguished themselves creditably. By this, I’m not talking about how his almsgiving heart.

In recognition of these landmark achievements, I’m  pleased to decorate Registrar Kingsley of Scholarship Secretariat as one of the few performing appointees, with a call on his colleagues to emulate him. 

At the  risk of  sounding immodest, there is no single serving Akyem appointee  that can contend with Agyeman.  Though with several verifiable  reasons why he should fail, Registrar Kingsley chose the path of success–because  that is what he promised his appointor. 

Today, Kingsley Agyeman has proved the Abuakwa South people right. He has lived up to their expectations through consistent initiation  and execution  of pro-people  projects and programmes.  Everywhere  you turn in Abuakwa South, you see his footprints. 

He is indeed the man of the people! 

In his modest way of horning the abilities of youngsters in Abuakwa South, he founded

the Kingsley Maths and Science Quiz. For him, it’s axiomatic that the growth of every society depends on education of the youth. 

I doubt the Abuakwa South people can take him for granted in view of the deliberate initiatives he has for his people.