"Chairman General" Kwami Sefa Kayi Sworn-In

Audio Attachment: Listen to Kwabena Marfo swearing-in "Chairman General" Kwami Sefa Kayi

Kwami Sefa-Kayi

Ace radio and television presenter, Kwame Sefa Kayi was on Monday sworn-in to anchor his unbeatable morning show programme “kokrokoo”, in the ultra-modern studios of PEACE FM by "His Lordship" Kwabena Marfo.

Kwami Sefa Kayi, aka ‘Chairman General’, has been absent from his duty as the regular morning show host on PEACE FM from the genesis of the year and some had even speculated that he had been fired or resigned to take up an appointment in the new Mahama-led NDC administration.

When Sefa Kayi assumed office on Monday to take over the baton from Tweneboa Kodua (TK) who held the fort excellently for him in his absence, "His Lordship" Kwabena Marfo raised an objection that until the Chairman General is sworn in and takes the oath of Allegiance and the ‘Chairmanship oath’, he could not host the morning show.

Interestingly, the award winning radio and television personality of the year recipient, acquiesced to the demands.

Kwabena Marfo, who acted as the Chief Justice, sworn in Sefa Kayi using the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana before allowing him to host the show.

He was asked to take both oaths by holding the studio microphone, his working tool.

The swearing-in begins:

“Ladies and gentlemen, fellow countrymen, today is the day we are going to swear in Chairman Kwami Sefa Kayi. He has been absent for some time and after the 2012 general election he is back. This is the day we are going do the swearing in ceremony for Chairman Kwami Sefa Kayi.

“..As a demand by Article 57 clause 3, before assuming as the Chairman, you (Kwami Sefa Kayi) must take the oath of Allegiance and the oath for second service of the constitution...” he said.

Panelist from the various political parties who were in the studios to discuss issues concerning the state sat inaudibly to witness the swearing-in but couldn’t hold back their laughter as the ceremony was on-going, perhaps because of the diction of "His Lordship" Kwabena Marfo.

Click on the attached audio to listen to the swearing-in ceremony.

Source: King Edward Ambrose Addo/ Peacefmonline.com/Ghana

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